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How to Apply Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Permanent Family Visa Detailed Process

Every expatriate has a desire to bring there family into kingdom either it for visit or it for permanent. This article is describing about the saudi permanent family visa process. It is very important to keep patience in the whole process as it is little long and difficult.

Required Documents for Saudi Permanent Family Visa:

1.Suitable Iqama Profession (Click here to check your eligibility for Family visa professions)

2.Attested Degree Certificates (Click here for Certificates Attestation)

3.Marriage Certificate attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Culture Office and Saudi Embassy in your home country.

4.Birth Certificate (For Children), attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Culture Office and Saudi Embassy in your home country.

5.The above documents must be translated in Arabic.

Saudi Permanent Family Visa Processing:

1.After getting these all documents, Get stamped on it from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia.

2.Request a letter from your sponsor to Jawazat to process your family visa, Attest it from Chamber of commerce of your employers city.

3.Take permanent family visa form from your company and fill it in Arabic, Attest it from your company and chamber of commerce of your employers city. (If you do not find this form, collect it from Isteqdam office).

Download Permanent Family Visa Form Saudi Arabia

4.Book an online appointment in Istiqdam from MOI, Submit a visa fee of 2000 SR through SADAD per family. Its good if you pay it online from your personal banking. Click here for the processing of online appointment instruction.

5.Visit Jawazat Office, Ask your company which Jawazat office you should go. Submit all required documents(mentioned above) including passport copies of all family people, Iqama copy and a letter from your employer attested by chamber of commerce. Collect a yellow slip (Visa) from there.

Once you got Visa (Yellow slip) you can send it to your home. Hire a specialized agent in your country for further process. You have one year (Hijri Year) time for stamping your visa, Once stamped, Should travel in 3 months. Process after Arriving of your family in Saudi Arabia:

Take medical test of your family members, Submit the report to your HR department to apply for iqama to your family people. Now its done.


Luffy Dragon December 26, 2015 at 11:08 PM

I Need to confirm if the original yellow slip should be send to my family or the copy only?

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good, this articles are excellent and helpful. Thanks

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